Volunteers needed for Sunday Oct. 18


To all those that haven’t had the chance to get out & help yet this year this may be your last chance. To those that have helped on any cleanup, we again thank you. Without you we wouldn’t have come as far as we have. You haven’t only made the Lackawanna river better for us to enjoy but for future generation’s as well.

Volunteers needed for Sweeney’s Beach landscape work this Sunday October 18, 2015 from 11:00AM to 2:00PM

To all LRCA and LVC Volunteers: We have started construction work at Sweeney’s Beach. Our contractors have cleared the knotweed jungle on the upper part of the site.

We need volunteers to work stone rakes to do a final grading where the bulldozers graded out the knotweed.

We will be raking out stones and knotweed roots. Volunteers are welcome to bring stone rakes, shovels and wheel barrows to pitch in on our 2 plus acre landscape site.

We can also use volunteers to cut knotweed with machetes and pick-up any litters that we may find in removing the knotweed jungle.

Volunteers with chain saws, skid steers and bobcats are also welcome.

Sweeney’s Beach is located off Poplar Street on the east side of the Lackawanna River in the Pinebrook neighborhood near the Scranton Public Works Garages.
Look for the directional sign to turn into the dirt road.

570-347-6311 or lrca@lrca.org or director@lrca.org

Thank you,

“Moving Forward”