Keystone/TU Teens Conservation Summer Camp

Keystone/TU Teens Conservation Summer Camp is a collaborative effort between Keystone College and several Chapters of Trout Unlimited that make up NEPA (Northeast Pennsylvania) to teach Teens the art of Fly Fishing while at the same time learning about Conservation and the Environmental sciences involved in a Coldwater Watershed and it’s protection and it’s enhancement. Campers will arrive on Sunday June the 19th and after a brief orientation for both them and their parents will dive into everything they are ever going to need to know to be an accomplished Fly Fisherman (woman). They will learn from classroom and hands on training in the field and on the stream. Before the end of the week they will have completed a conservation project, learned to tie their own Flies, several different casting styles, the origins of Fly Fishing, both here and in Europe. They will be able to tie all the necessary knots plus a few others. On Saturday the 25th they will put all that knowledge to test with their final exam and then a Family Fun day, picnic and graduation ceremony before being released back to their parents.

To apply for admission to the camp each student must submit in writing a brief resume of their fishing experiences (spin fishing and fly fishing). They must also submit a report or letter documenting the reasons they are applying and why they think they should be chosen. Sumit to; Trout Unlimited, 542 Boulevard Ave. Dickson City, Pa. 18519 questions to or 570-954-5042.

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